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i’m loving these madden gifs



Horrible stuff occurs in Sleepy Hollow’s Psychiatric Wards. First Jenny was haunted by Moloch and now Frank unknowingly signed a blood binding contract with Henry.

This is why the first thing they teach you in law school is to read everything before you sign it. And since Frank was committed, can his signature hold up in court? I don’t know how the legal system in hell works.



i feel like i just watched the “sanctuary” of s2. and the funny thing is, that i enjoyed some things. i like henry as a villain. i just do. and i absolutely adored jenny in this. loved seeing irving. i like the new sheriff, too (except for that whole threatening torture shit, wtf? someone who’s…

There have been times when we’ve been shooting when I say, ‘Have we reached the point now where he’s just being a dick? Being a contrary dick?’ Because he is. He’s moody and he’s headstrong and will do his own thing blindly. I wouldn’t like him … and it’s nice to have a character say, ‘He was my best mate and he stole my fiancée.’ Which is what happened. It’s nice to see a negative side of him.




Just a little excerpt:

Crane, once again, does everything in his power to rescue Katrina. But this time she’s the one who forces them apart by choosing to stay with Abraham so she can act as a mole. While it was nice to see Katrina get some agency, Mison sums up the situation perfectly: “That’s annoying! That’s really annoying.”

"Two hundred and fifty years they’ve been waiting. He went to Purgatory trying to get her back. And then we’re together for two seconds and she’s,’ No, no, no, I’m sticking around with the ex,’" Mison says. "Yes, that gets on his wits to no end."  

And this:

"Not to mention the fact that Crane created a monster out of the Horseman’s head all to get her back. A monster who, lest we forget, is now on the loose doing God knows what. "I think it went really wrong. It was a bad idea," Mison says of raising the Kindred. “She f—ked it up, Katrina did, by not coming.”

LOL, Tom!

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Yes, Tom.


"evil is going to try to be evil again"




—the valuable information Katrina provided Team Witness in her two days of spying

i feel like the writers don’t give a shit. how is this a real sentence. one that is spoken out loud. how juvenile does this sound tho. evil is going to be evil again. no shit!!!!!!!! what’s new. when did evil stop being evil tho? 

There was that one tine evil was cheesecake.

I know. Abbie and Crane already knew that. Not like they thought Henry was going to Disney World or some shit! And like they’d say important stuff in front of her ass.